Attributes of the Online Component of INSOTUS Programs

INSOTUS College is an online educational space that incorporates highly-engaging tutorials and do-at-your-own-pace flexibility into any secondary school curriculum. Because our lessons are entirely Internet-accessible, the only equipment needed is a computer (Macintosh or PC). Through our use of stimulating video, audio, and effective simulations, the INSOTUS learning environment manages to captivate the sustained interest of students with these cutting-edge approaches which are so relevant to today's youth. As an additional benefit to both students and teachers, lessons are very easily tailored to suit the unique educational requirements of individual students. Conveniently, customized curriculum is available to schools almost immediately.

At INSOTUS, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of progressive education, by making learning relevant, fun, and accessible to all. Please find below a record of a few of our attributes:

installationFast Installation

The INSOTUS system is instantly installed and available for use immediately upon installation.

evaluationAccurate, Automated Student Evaluation

This automated grading feature not only leaves instructors with much more time to spend clarifying concepts and aiding individual students, but parents are also advantaged by the ability to monitor their child.s work and progress whenever they wish.

progressDay-to-Day Progress Report

With this daily account of student activity, teachers are able to track achievements and progress at will. This immediate access to all aspects of student work encourages learner accountability and helps instructors direct learning to suit individual needs. The report is also available for printing whenever documentation is required.

searchCurrent Information

INSOTUS stands out from amongst traditional learning models by providing students with constantly updated material.

gamesInteractive Games

These fun, enriching activities aid in the clarification of challenging concepts while making learning a memorable, pleasurable experience.

curriculumPersonalized Curriculum and Assignments

Upon assessing unique student abilities and learning goals, teachers are able to tailor units and lessons to best match the particular needs of each. There are also many opportunities to develop understanding further via real-world experiential learning (which may include field trips, hands-on modelling, etc.)

plansCustomized Lesson Plans

With individualized lessons, students have the option of learning course material at their own pace and in the style that is optimal for their particular intelligences. These plans are continually informed by formative assessment and are updated (on a daily basis) to reflect these.

messagesMessage Center

INSOTUS allows each student the ability to receive personalized messages from teachers either in the form of e-mail or as adjunct instructions attached to daily lessons and problems.

calendarIndividualized School Calendar

As the pace of study and course goals are tailored uniquely to each student, so too should the daily schedule of important days and events be made to order! The school calendars designed by INSOTUS permit instructors to modify the dates of school attendance, trips, events, examinations, project deadlines, etc.

videoVideo Clips

Through the careful selection and integration of appropriate video sequences into lessons, students are given the chance to extend their understanding of the material.

printThe Option to Print

Any item (lesson, document, assignment, etc.) read or input by students/teachers is at all times available for print at the click of a mouse.

resourceResource Center

To support students across the disciplines, INSOTUS offers every learner a wide array of educational materials accessible as needed . these include online dictionaries, calculators, periodic tables, and more.

audioLessons in Audio

Students are given the option of having portions of text or full lessons spoken aloud to them by activating the practical Text-to-Speech function. This is of particular benefit to auditory learners and students who have difficulty reading.

practicePractice Lessons

By using this function, students are given an interactive exploration of the features of the program and taught, in a step-by-step process, how to work through their courses.