INSOTUS Live-in Caregiver Training Program

INSOTUS's Live-in Caregiver Program is designed to provide students aged 21-45, with a unique opportunity to study, work and then immigrate to Canada. Our program is a government accredited, full-time program spanning seven months (one month orientation with English immersion and 6 months in the classroom/placement setting). The training provided here prepares students to work with a Canadian family, either as "AuPair", caring for children or as a Caregiver to a dependent elderly or disabled person.

Instruction includes both theory and hands-on, in-school practice. Students learn through lectures, text books, audio-visuals, individual and group projects and class discussions. Assessment and feedback are given on an ongoing basis and students will receive training that will make finding a job in Canada, fairly easy. Classes run Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm and the instruction is divided into monthly (rotating) modules allowing student to start the course on the first day of any month and to finish it seven months later.

For anyone planning to live, work, or immigrate to Canada as a Caregiver, there are several clear advantages to participate in Live-in Caregiver Training Program.

  • Canadian employers prefer caregivers with Canadian training.
  • It will be much easier to find a job while studying here. Students can then start work soon after completion of the program.
  • Students will receive on-going support from students who are in the course ahead of you, and from a network of former students who are now working as Live-in Caregivers.
  • It is an ideal opportunity to practice English language skills, make friends, and start to become familiar with life in Canada.
  • Students can be actively involved in finding their own employer. In this way they can avoid many employee/employer mismatches.
  • When students study in Canada, they are really receiving much more training than the requisite 450 hours because they are, in fact, training throughout their entire stay.
  • We make it easy by supporting student through all the phases of living, working, and immigrating to Canada, including help with writing employment contracts that protect both you and your future employer.
  • We prepare students to meet all Canadian government regulations and requirements which greatly improve their chances of being successful.
  • It requires only a basic education.
  • Students do not need much money.
  • There is high demand for Live-in Caregivers in Canada.
  • Caregivers can apply for Permanent Residence after working in Canada for 2 years as a Live-in Caregiver.
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Participant Requirements:

  • Graduate from High School (the equivalent of a Canadian High School education).
  • Age 21-45 years old.
  • Intermediate Level of English.
  • Police clearance certificate and be healthy.
  • Have the necessary funds to reside in Canada.
  • Submit all required health details.
  • Read, agree and sign all program guidelines.

Visa Requirement:

All students participating in the Live-in Caregiver Training Program are required to have a Study Permit, which INSOTUS will help you acquire.


Clean, comfortable, private, and friendly living accommodation is available on a first-come, first-served basis at $900.00 CAD per month. Living near the campus will be an added convenience serving to cut down on travel time and costly public transportation.

Accommodation includes:

  • A private furnished bedroom
  • Shared TV cable
  • Access to a shared computer or printer and wireless internet access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Telephone use
  • Shared use of several kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms

NOTE: All fees and refund policies are subject to change without notice

Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program

There is a huge shortage of Live-in Caregivers in Canada. To address this problem, the federal government has introduced a program to enable private households to hire caregivers from abroad. This program is called the .Live-in Caregiver Program and it allows suitably qualified people from other countries to enter Canada and work as Live-in Caregivers.

Starting salaries of Caregiver are generally at, or slightly above, the minimum wage levels, which differ by province, but are typically around $10.00 CAD to $15.00 CAD per hour. Live-in Caregivers will receive from the employer apart from the salary:

  • Accommodation arrangements (including room and board)
  • Holiday and sick leave entitlements
  • Medical insurance coverage provided from the date of starting to work until caregiver is eligible for provincial health insurance.
  • Workplace safety insurance coverage for the duration of the employment.
  • All recruitment fees, including any amount payable to a third-party recruiter or agents hired by the employer that would otherwise have been charged to caregiver.

When a Live-in Caregiver applies for permanent residence all family members living in Canada and abroad must be included in to application for permanent resident status in Canada. Their applications to become a permanent resident will be processed at the same time as Caregiver. Family members living abroad will not receive their papers to go until the Caregiver receives permanent status.

PROCESS: While in your home country, you begin by taking an English proficiency test which will help INSOTUS establish your level of English. From the results of this test INSOTUS will suggest an ESL course right for you and register you for the course after receiving payment. Once the course has been completed you will be reassessed (free) and recommended to a second course. Each course should take approximately two months to complete during which time we will begin to organize your Visa application by having one of our Immigration consultants work on your case ($250). When the application has been completed by the consultant the initial tuition deposit must be remitted to release the application to the Canadian High Commission. In the event that the Visa is denied, INSOTUS will fully refund the initial deposit but all other fees will not be refunded. For this reason we would strongly recommend that only students that can afford to live in Canada apply for this program since one of the key factors deciding whether or not a Visa is approved is the financial status of the applicant. For more information regarding fees please refer to the Fee Schedule.