INSOTUS Online Study Policies and Procedures

INSOTUS Online Study will be utilized after careful consideration and consultation with parent, student and a school councilor. Student's background, learning style, study habits, maturity and reason for taking the course in this way will all be considered before a registration is accepted.

Policy and Procedure

A teacher who is teaching a course through independent Online study at Toronto Independent High School is accountable to the school administration for:

  1. Supervising the student.
  2. Outlining a schedule of teacher/student contacts and expectations of the student.
  3. Developing a course outline in accordance with Toronto Independent High School's requirements.
  4. Developing a course of study.
  5. Developing lesson plans.
  6. Keeping attendance records.
  7. Assigning components of the course.
  8. Suggesting available resources.
  9. Assessing and evaluating the achievement of the of curriculum expectations in accordance with the Ministry of Education's policy.
  10. Ensuring that the total work involved is equivalent to that expected in the time scheduled for the course.
  11. Retaining records of the student's work.
  12. Upon completion of the course, providing to the school:
    • Teaching plans including course of study.
    • Samples of student work.
    • Records of student achievement that reflect the assessment and evaluation requirements of the curriculum policy documents and show use of achievement levels and categories.
    • Sample of assessment instruments including the final evaluation.