Business Law

This course has been designed to provide students with the knowledge of certain vital legal concepts affecting trade and commerce, after first familiarizing themselves with the process of creating and interpreting laws. Students will thereafter be introduced to types of businesses that may be created for engaging in commerce, along with the liability and contractual considerations that may impact a business. Laws that impact the regulation of businesses will be reviewed as well, in particular, the business impacts of administrative regulations and rules. Global commerce and international treaties, courts, agreements and organizations that may affect business will be looked at for a better sense of what going global with a business means. Environmental and consumer protections will be discussed along with bankruptcy options, should the business become insolvent. Finally, because no business can exist without experiencing one kind of dispute or another, there will be a review of the options available for dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution to gain a better understanding of the best way of dealing with such matters.

  • Develop a general idea of the United States legal system.
  • Understand the types of corporations and businesses that exist.
  • Develop insights into how contracts are formed.
  • Learn about torts as well as liability considerations with regards to torts.
  • Develop an understanding of civil, criminal and ethics procedures.
  • Develop an appreciation of the process of administrative law, with the Commerce Clause and how it affects employment law.
  • Understand information concerning e-commerce and intellectual property law.
  • Comprehend the global view of international agreements, international trade, international law sources, international courts created by treaties, and the UN and its main commissions and organs.
  • Gain insights into environmental, bankruptcy and consumer laws that may affect individuals and their businesses.
  • Learn how to resolve disputes that arise in business transactions via traditional or alternative means.
Course Requirements

While this course has no formal requirements, it is vital to understand that this is a challenging course that requires the best critical-thinking skills. The ability to carry out research, make lateral connections and consider not clearly outlined options is a function of those who practice the law successfully. This course utilizes case studies and scenarios for the application of offered concepts and encourages creative yet ethical and legal thinking. This course is therefore a good primer for students considering a law career.

Course Syllabus

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  • Course Overview
  • Sources of Law: the Legislative and the Executive Branches
  • Project: Drafting a Bill
  • Sources of Law: the Constitution and the Judicial Branch
  • Project: A Supreme Court Case
  • The Bill of Rights and Fundamental Guarantees
  • Project: Comparing the Bill of Rights with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations)
  • Quiz 1: Sources Of Law and The Bill Of Rights
  • Sole Proprietorships and Agency
  • Project: Starting a Business
  • Partnerships
  • Project: Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Project: Understanding the Tender Offer
  • Quiz 2: Corporations
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project – Part 1: Role of Law and Its Impact on Business
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Contracts: Basic Elements of Contracts
  • Project: Identifying Internet Agreements
  • Contracts: Uniform Commercial Code
  • Project: Buyers, Sellers, and Warranties
  • Contract Defenses
  • Project: Defensible Defenses
  • Quiz 1: Contracts
  • Torts: Intentional Torts
  • Project: Review the Lemonade Stand Fact Pattern
  • Torts: Negligence
  • Project: Lulu the Runaway Dog
  • Torts: Strict Liability and Nuisance
  • Project: You be the Author: Write Your Own Newspaper Articles
  • Quiz 2: Torts
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project – Part 2: Legal Considerations in Business Law
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Ethics and the Law: Crimes Against Personst
  • Project: Know your State's Penal or Criminal Code and Create Your Own Law
  • Ethics and the Law: Crimes Against Property
  • Project: Know Your White Collar Crimes
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Project: Create Your Own Crime
  • Quiz 1: Ethics and The Law – Criminal And Civil Procedure
  • Introduction to Administrative Law
  • Project: Federal Agencies and Their Functions
  • Administrative Law and Adjudication
  • Project: Search the Headlines for News Stories on Federal Agencies and their Functions
  • Employment, Regulation, and Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Prepare Scenarios Using Gidgits Galore
  • Quiz 2: Administrative Law, The Commerce Clause and Employment Law
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project – Part 3: Regulating a Business
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Intro to Intellectual Property: Patents
  • Project: Developing a Patent
  • Intro to Intellectual Property: Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Project: Applying for a Trademark
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Project: Privacy Issues
  • Quiz 1: Intellectual Property and E-Commerce
  • Globalization and Sources of International Law
  • Project: Look Up a Treaty
  • International Trade, GATT and the WTO
  • Project: The WTO Addresses Criticisms Against the Organization
  • International Treaties and the UN, UN Organs and Commissions, and International Courts
  • Project: International Courts and Adjudication
  • Quiz 2: Globalization and International Law
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project – Part 4: Global Commerce
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Consumer Law
  • Project: Consumer Protection in Action
  • Environmental Law
  • Project: Global Issues: The Future We Want?
  • Business Protection (Bankruptcy)
  • Project: Bankrupt Your Business
  • Quiz 1: Consumer Law, Environmental Law And Bankruptcy Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Project: Create a Business Dispute and Resolve It
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Project: Create an Employment Dispute and Resolve it through Arbitration
  • Career Opportunities in Business Law
  • Project: Career Assessment
  • Quiz 2: Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project – Part 5: Protections and Resolutions
  • Glossary and Credits


  • Course Project – Part 6: Pitching Your Product
  • Review
  • Exam