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Career and Technical Education programs are designed to serve individuals that work in the development field, including teaching at the secondary and post-secondary level and technical industry training. Teacher education degrees and certifications are offered in the following disciplines: Computer and IT training; Business Managment and Administration; Early Childhood Development; Digital Arts; Project Management and Marketing.

Educational personnel with an interest in training and supervising pupils in work settings in North America need to be certified by taking Continuing Education courses. Certification can include diverse work settings for secondary students which includes capstone programs, shadowing experience, diversified occupational systems, internships, work experience programs, internships, and actual job shadowing. Skills and knowledge covered by some programs are also applicable to adult settings and post-secondary settings. Individuals who want to teach cooperative education should apply to the program and supply information about their educational and work background. A program of study will be prepared based on information provided by the prospective trainee; those who hold valid teaching certificates will be working towards "add-on" awards in Continuing Education, and others will be working toward "stand-alone" certificates. If you are interested in enrolling in this program, you should contact an advisor.